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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday Writings - Week 07

Every Wednesday I'll share a small portion of my writing. Hope you enjoy what you're reading!
Excerpt (Daxton, Chapter 7)

The further they walked along the dirt path trees surrounding them were denser. They could barely see in front of them and Spire kept walking into low hanging branches, which he found annoying but Nelle giggled every time. This went on for several minutes before Nelle picked up a thick branch from the ground and with her fingers splayed out, palm up, she called forth a ball of orange fire which hovered in the air above her hand. She touched it to the tip of the branch and it caught fire instantly.

“Perhaps this will help?” She shoved the branch into Spire’s hand and continued walking. She had walked this path plenty of times as she used to be a regular visitor to the Kings Castle. Her frequent visits to see the King were to remain a secret from everyone which is why she knew this path so well.

In the distance, Spire heard rustling. He grabbed Nelle and put a finger to his lips to keep her quiet. They remained perfectly still long enough for her to hear the same sound. She took the torch from his hand and before he could stop her, she marched in the direction of the sound. Spire worried it could be a wild animal out for a late-night feeding, but she knew exactly what she’d find when she pointed the torch towards thick bush.

A man had his arms wrapped around a young girl. They knelt side by side, hiding as best they could.

“It is quite alright, you do not need to be afraid of us. We won’t harm you. In fact, we’ve been looking for you. I am Nelle the—.”

“…one who has come to help you,” Spire interrupted, stopping her before she could reveal she was a witch. He saw the Royal Green vest the man wore and knew it meant he was a member of the Kings Army. He did not wish to find out what would happen should they be discovered to be a witch and a pirate.

She eyed Spire suspiciously, a frown on her face as she hated being cut off, especially by a mortal pirate. But perhaps keeping the fact that she was a witch a secret was not such a terrible idea. “We were wondering if we could be of some assistance to you.”

“I am Adelaide. you are pretty.” The little girl pried herself away from Traix who remained guarded as he watched both Spire and Nelle closely.

“What brings you two out here so late at night?” Traix asked, holding fast to Adelaide’s shoulders so she would not stray too far from him.

“What brings us out here? Why, we’re out here…” Spire started but couldn’t think of a good reason.

“We are lovers just out here trying to find a good place to lay upon the grass when we heard a sound. And now that we’ve found you and your daughter I am sure my companion will agree with me that we much rather be of service to you than to each other.” She smiled innocently at Traix, while Adelaide looked up at her confused by what she heard. Spire turned his face away and tried to suppress laughter.

“There is a child present, what is wrong with you? Are you one of those ladies who spends her evenings in that Serpent’s Head? If so, there is absolutely nothing you can do for us, thank you. We’ll just be on our way and leave you two—.”

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