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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday Writings - Week 06

A snippet of a Work-in-Progress to be released in 2019.

Excerpt (Daxton, Chapter 6)

Spire did not understand what she was saying. Whenever Nelle spoke like this no one understood her. He became concerned with the change in her countenance and her jumbled words. He had no clue what was going on and knew Nelle was not going to tell him. His best way to uncover the mystery was to bring her to the Captain and demand answers from her.

“We must hurry back to the ship. The men will be asleep now. It’s the best time for us to sneak on board. We won’t be seen.” He started walking backwards towards his boat which rocked and bumped into the dock from the waves, but she did not follow. “What stops you? We must make haste. The Captain seemed intent on my bringing you back as quickly as possible.”

“You do not understand. If I am to do what she wants we must first pick up a few things.”

“Pick up a few things? No. My orders are to bring you to her and that is all I intend to do. I have never seen her like this, Nelle. If the men see her this way there will be questions. None of which I can answer.”

The yellow moon in the sky, now full, shone upon his eyes and Nelle swore she could see tears in them.

“I know you love her, Spire. I promise you, what I need will not take long to get. We must find a man and a child journeying along a dirt road and bring them with us to meet the Compass Maker who lives in a small village in Ebonthorn.”

“Are you mad? You want to journey to Ebonthorn? We cannot go there now. That is a full day’s walk and I don’t think she has that kind of time. I must bring you to the Captain—.”

“Do what you must, but if you bring me to her and I do not have what I need, you will suffer the brunt of her wrath when she discovers you wasted time arguing with me.”

He hated to admit it but she was right. He also hated having to follow Nelle’s orders but he had no choice. He needed her to come with him but knew she would not come quietly. And a witch as powerful as her wouldn’t be easily forced against her will.

“Fine. Lead the way.”

“Excellent. you have made the right decision, Spire. You just might make a decent Pirate someday. Now, first we must locate the dirt road and if I am not mistaken we will find the man and child well before the moon sets and the sun rises on the morrow.” She nudged him in the shoulder and winked at him, much the same way he winked whenever he thought he was being clever. He rolled his eyes at her back as she walked on ahead of him, past the Serpent’s Head, and into the night with the yellow moon guiding their way.

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