“The question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I, or the others crazy?”
― Albert Einstein

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E. L. Drayton
Raised: Bronx, NY USA
Lives: West Hollywood, CA
Occupation: Independent Author
Hobbies: Reading
Favorite Author: Agatha Christie
Favorite Movie: Summer Stock

Never underestimate the power of a dream. It’s not the size of the dream but how badly you want it. I’ve wanted to be a storyteller for as long as I can remember. Ever since my mother taught me how to read, write, and even how to spell (though I’m still a bit rusty on that one) I’ve wanted to tell stories as amazing as ones I’ve read.

To date, I have written countless poems, screenplays, and short stories. None of these I’ve ever felt were truly worth making public. It was a long time before I got up the courage to pursue my dream of being an Independent Author, but I think I am ready.

I’d like to introduce you to Stonehaven. I won’t go into too much detail but what I will say is its got pirates, dragons, mermaids, and a demon dolphin, among other creatures! My first series in this universe is called The 5th Compass, and from it will sprout many characters which you’ll hopefully love so much you’ll be begging to find out more about them…and I will be ready, willing and able to tell you. They are definitely fantasy, some epic, and some YA, but all of them packed with adventure and a world just waiting to be explored by fans of fantasy. The first book in the Stonehaven Library will release in 2019 along with many others.

I also recently started writing for Underrealm, a universe expertly crafted by Garrett Robinson, and quickly remembered why I love doing this. If you haven’t heard of him or his great fantasy novels I insist you look him up immediately (or click his name cause I linked his site there…). My first short story for Underrealm can be found here.

I currently reside in West Hollywood with my girlfriend and our two puppies (cause telling you where I live and my pet count is a thing).