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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Wednesday Writings - Week 04

A snippet of a Work-in-Progress to be released in 2019.

Excerpt (Daxton, Chapter 4)

Upon hearing the name ‘Paragon,’ both Corwinn and Krieger knew what needed to be done. For some, the Paragon was a tale used to scare the young into behaving. But there were those who believed in the legend of the Paragon and revered what it stood for. Krieger was a believer, while the only thing Corwinn believed in was what he held in his hand right now, a flagon of ale. Yet, the name was not foreign to him either. He remembered a day, many moons ago when King Rowan told him all he knew of the Paragon.

At the time, Corwinn thought it was complete lunacy and ravings of an eccentric King willing to say anything to command fear. Little did he realize the tale might be true.

A young, precocious boy by the name of Woodvale was destined to become King of Diamar, a smaller Kingdom surrounded by mountains that made it difficult for overzealous Kings to conquer. The people of Diamar were known for being extremely kind and not as ruthless as other neighboring kingdoms. Because of their eagerness to be liked by others they gave and gave until they had practically nothing left. Then, as luck would have it, a group of travelers, led by Tobias, found themselves passing through Diamar, in need of accommodations.

Woodvale’s parents owned a home not too far from the castle. They worked for the throne but had no direct lineage to it. The travelers arrived to see speak with the king of Diamar very late and knew they would not be admitted at such an hour. As luck would have it, they saw a light shining in the window of a home nearby and decided to ask the inhabitants if they could stay there for the night. Woodvale’s parents took one look at the attire of the travelers, adorned in fine clothes and jewels, and decided to let them stay. That night the travelers, to show gratitude for the hospitality and meal they were given by a family they knew had very little to spare, put on a show in the form of magic. Woodvale was instantly mesmerized and Tobias saw something in the boy’s eyes, unlike anything he’d ever seen before. Without consulting his traveling companions, he decided to take the boy under his wing and sneak him away with them when they were finally given entry to see the king.

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