“The question that sometimes drives me hazy: Am I, or the others crazy?”
― Albert Einstein

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Weekly Battle Plans

Weekly updates on my writing goals and whether or not I met them:

Week of 1/28/19
  • Monday | Write 2 Chapters in River Run
  • Tuesday | Start Reading Senlin Ascends
  • Wednesday | Incorporate Writing Studies (Short Story Writing)
  • Thursday | Continue Reading Senlin Ascends
  • Friday | Additional Reading Day
  • Saturday | Write at least 5K in River Run
  • Sunday | Do Nothing Day!
Week of 12/3/18
  • Monday | Set-up Blogger website for my Writer Wednesday posts.
  • Tuesday | Write 1K words
  • Wednesday | Write 3K words
  • Thursday | Write 1K words
  • Friday | Write 3K words
  • Saturday | Write 6K words
  • Sunday | Do Nothing Day

I push myself pretty hard every day to write as much as I can, that is why on Sunday's I make sure to designate that as the day I choose to do nothing. Of course, that is easier said than done as I love to write and will take every chance I have to do so. But I think we all deserve a day where we get to set aside our passions and refuel to continue doing them when the new week starts up again tomorrow.